Your soft furnishings make up a large investment in your home. To keep them looking great for years to come it is recommended that they are regularly professionally cleaned periodically to prevent wear and dulling of the fibres.


Fabric upholstery is gently but effectively deep cleaned by hand using professional products designed to lift soiling,grease and tackle other problem areas that your upholstery can be subject to. Items are then speed dried using air movers to aid quick drying, ensuring that you can soon enjoy your fresh,clean home again.

After cleaning, I can help protect the fabric using effective stain blocker treatments. This is helpful in reducing staining from accidental spillages.


Restore the fresh shine,smell and soft supple feel to your leather furnishings with Beverley Carpet Cleaning. Using premium products which are gentle yet effective, I can remove deep ingrained soiling from your leather allowing its original beauty to shine through. A leather feed and protector is applied afterwards to replenish your leather with the nourishment it requires.

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