Frequently asked questions

I understand that if its been a while or you've never had your carpets cleaned before, there can sometimes be a lot of questions in your
mind or even some information you may want to know before proceeding. Below is a list of common questions I get asked - if your question
isn't here then simply pop an email across or call me and I'll do my best to help.

Q: Is it true to leave carpets as long as possible before cleaning them, as once they have been cleaned they get dirty really quickly?

A: Not at all. In the past this may have been true when old shampoos were used which became sticky and attracted dirt. These days we use modern advaned cleaning products, which do not leave sticky residues. Leaving carpets for prolonged periods before cleaning them when they are visibly dirty can damage carpets and reduce their life span considerably. Carpet manufacturers typically recommend carpets are cleaned every year under moderate use.

Q: How long does it take to dry?

A: For a standard deep  clean,  most carpets don't take long to dry and take usually 2-5 hours depending on environmental conditions and carpet type.  Carpets are not left soaking wet and do not need days to dry. If you require faster drying times or areas are in constant use then other quicker drying systems can be used with prior arrangements.

Q: Do I need to move everything out of the room?

A: No, if required I can move most moveable items. Simply make the area tidy and remove small items which may hinder cleaning eg: shoes, magazine racks, bins, laptop bags etc. Items which I do not move however include heavy dressers, display cabinets, wardrobes and certain bedframes and large/ corner group sofas. If there's anything you're unsure of please call to discuss your requirements.

Q: Is what you use to clean the carpets safe for pets & children?

A: Being an eco aware person and an environmentally responsible business, I have sourced some of the best eco friendly safe products available in the industry. My main cleaning product is plant based and made from renewable resources, is biodegradeable, is non toxic and has no hazardous ingredients.

Q: How often would you recommend to clean my carpets/ upholstery?

A: Typically under moderate conditions it is recommended by manufacturers of sofas and carpets that they are cleaned once every 12 months. This keeps the fibres fresh and reduces wear from small particles trapped in the fibres, and can save you a fortune in the long run having to replace your investments too early. I have many customers who have carpets and suites that are many decades old and look as good as the day they were made. This time frame can be adjusted depending on use, carpets that don't get much use can be left longer, and others where there may be several cats, dogs and children may need cleaning more often.

Q: Is it true that you can use white wine to remove wed wine stains, or use washing up liquid for stains?

A: When tackling any accidents or stains be careful what advice you follow. A good guide is to use products especially for the purpose- a simple carpet stain remover (such as Astonish etc) will suffice for most normal stains. If you do not achieve a satisfactory result STOP and seek further help. Unfortunately I have attended many attempts at stain removal where a whole host of unsuitable products have been used, which have ultimately ruined the carpet. If its for washing dishes then its wise to keep it for that purpose. If you have an emergency, clal straight away and I'll be happy to advise on how to deal with it.

Q: Are you insured / qualified?

A: Yes, I have both professional liability/ indemnity insurance and have attended professional courses for the work I carry out.

Q: Can you just clean a small area/stain or around a few areas?

A: Certainly, no job is too small or not worth my while. I want your carpets to stay looking great for years to come!