Introducing “Sub-surface extraction”

Spilt a drop of red wine? New puppy had an accident? Stains of this nature can seep into the padding and underlay of your carpet. Whilst the carpet surface may look clean, stains and odours can remain below the surface. This causes problems over time, and stains may even reappear at a later date.

 So can nothing be done about sub-surface stains? Traditionally, the professional answer would have been to remove and replace the underlay, a costly last resort which can be time-consuming and disruptive.

 Thankfully, through our commitment to research into the latest techniques, A. Marson cleaning Services can now offer a reliable and cost-effective solution. Carried out alongside conventional carpet cleaning, ‘Sub-surface extraction’ employs a powerful, newly developed tool to flush problem stains from all layers of your carpet. The carpet remains in place throughout, and sub-surface stains are removed quickly, effectively and safely, ensuring that your carpets remain cleaner, and more hygienic, for longer.